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About Tech Longreads

Well, let’s get to know each other! My name is Alex Salo. I’m a software engineer and a former software company CEO (Sanuel LLC).

Technology has always been my passion, and I’ve written many articles on mobile tech, including health, fitness, audio, and photography. Then, in 2022, I decided to launch a project I had been thinking about for years. So, here it is!

Tech Longreads is a popular science website about mobile technology. Here you won’t find news, movie or car talks, etc. My mission is to explain in plain language how modern technology works and how it affects people’s lives.

While covering these questions, I also touch on many topics related to physics, biology, chemistry, and philosophy.

My articles were translated into other languages and used in scientific journals indexed in Google Scholar and Index Copernicus:

article published in scientific journal
One of my articles about blood oxygen measurements used in scientific paper

My articles have also been used in various university publications, including books (e.g., ISBN 978-5-907400-06-1, ISBN 978-5-95283-471-2, ISBN 978-617-7422-13-5, etc.).

I started this project to share the knowledge about gadgets and tech acquired over the years. I hope you will enjoy this site and learn a lot of useful things!

I decided to make readers donations the only way to fund the project. So, if you like what I do, please join me on Patreon or at least tell your friend about some amazing articles you’ve read here!